Is MindfulAlexander different from
the Alexander Technique?


No, MindfulAlexander does not change or alter the standard Alexander Technique practice in any way. It simply offers a context allowing the pupil to:

  • Develop and embody a state of active presence during the lesson, then to grow and sustain it afterwards in his or her daily activities.
  • Fully integrate the notion of mind-body connection (psycho-physical unity), then to explore whether, when and how one is contributing to their own pain or suffering (physical, mental or emotional pain).
  • Devise strategies of ‘being’ that can be applied in daily activity, that promote freedom of choice in one’s movements, interaction with others and (especially) when dealing with challenging situations.
  • In general, to develop the ability to deal with life experiences with serenity, confidence, balance and poise. In short, Mindfully.
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